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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Riley's Sports Room Makeover

For all of you that follow me on Pinterest probably were wondering if I was pregnant seeing my board for this project. In fact, I had three people ask me. First of all, I would not do a sports room for my baby boy. Secondly, I wouldn't post a board on pinterest before telling my sister in law! ;)
 When we first moved to Wilmington, almost 5 years ago, I was a full time nanny for three boys. When I became preggo I cut back quite a bit. Now I babysit for the youngest a couple times a week and remain very close with the fact I consider them family. Knowing my passion for interior decorating, repurposing, and renovating, the mama asked me if I would like to help her with the oldest's Christmas Gift. Riley is 10 and going to be in middle school next year. I can't believe it...So the only thing he asked for Christmas was his own room. He and the middle child have shared a room forever, so I agreed it was time! Riley is a huge Patriots and Red Sox fan, so I was told to keep that theme.  I repurposed different items that they already had so I really only needed paint and a lamp. I apologize for my lack of before pictures...I need to get better at that!

Here is what you see when you walk in. Conner's side (to your right) is more surfer; Riley's sports. The curtain up against the window like that made the room pretty dark. As you can see, it's a boys' room :) And there's my little pumpkin :)

Riley's Bed and Stuff

They left for California for 10 days and the room was all mine. I decorated Riley's door and then sent Michele the picture. She then put in a frame and then in Riley's stocking.

Camera+ is an awesome photo editing app for iphone. "Santa" got all the credit for this room...So I wanted it to look magical. I really want to tell Riley that Santa sat on his fat ass and ate cookies while I did all the work...But I will refrain myself.

With my theme in place, I just needed to find some inspiration. I am not a big sports fan so I knew it would be a little challenging. Then I found a picture on Pinterest of a Sports Gallery Wall! You ready for my version??

I think every house should have some sort of gallery wall. With all Riley's Sports Memorabilia I thought a gallery wall would be perfect. I fell in love with the Sapphire Blue-- the perfect Canvas for all the pops of orange, red, white, green...We brought a really nice desk upstairs that wasn't being used. Centered it on the wall and started creating the wall. My lovely sister in law helped:) Like that orange finger? The Dollar Store!  The other stuff I literally found around the house and used what he already had, we just repurposed it. It is amazing what you can find in your house...Just give it a new purpose. Grandma was supposed to find Riley a white modern desk chair.

I moved the bed to the other side of the wall. We also switched out dressers with the youngest because it matched the other furniture. Michele mentioned an accent wall, and I think that blue may have been too much in the whole room. I just did a stripe around the rest of the room. I found an old football helmet that came from the dad's high school which made an awesome prop over the bed.

And the Reading Nook. Riley is a HUGE reader, so this was important. I found that screen in the garage. Cut out the letters for "read" out of cardboard and spray painted them blue. Found those little shelves at a thrift store for about $2 each. Had an extra cork tile and hung it and then pinned some pictures I found of a trip Matt (the dad) took when he was younger. It was a real adventurous trip, pictures of the wild, eagles, mountain lions; I also found some books about adventure and put them on the shelves. The bean bag came from the play room. Grandma also was assigned to find a cool comfy chair, but bean bag will work. There were two, so I stuffed the green one inside the red. Works for now!

And now for my locker closet doors. I went to home depot and the lady told me I'd need a whole gallon and two coats of gray primer to get it red. Then she introduced me this special paint for doors my Glidden. It is $20 for a quart but worth it. It definitely needs another coat, but I ran out of time. I quickly put black electrical tape as the slots. I found blue locks at the dollar store! I used eye screws to hook them. Here is an almost finished picture, I had to get my sis to do the final coat, we went out of town and I didn't have time. I need to get a bette picture for you!

I also found a very large dry erase board in the garage. The white part was peeling off so I flipped it over and painted it with green chalkboard paint. Then I drew a soccer field on the board with chalk. He already is using it:)

I found a curtain rod that wasn't being used and hung the blue curtains on that. Then I found this valance in the youngest's room that didn't really match what he has going on, and it was perfect for Riley's room.

Another picture of the reading nook:)

So that is Riley's Sports Room Makeover. It was a lot of fun and another learning experience :)

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