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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life is about to get SO much better...

About a week or so before I had Lucy, the Lord whispered to me, "Life is about to get so much better..." I fought to believe it, there is such a negative culture around parenthood..."Death to self." I think that is true in a lot of ways, but no one ever tells you about all the life you experience, I mean hello! You give birth to new life. It's amazing. Well, since I have had Lucy, I feel I get way more out of my days. I've also have developed some new passions and favorites, i thought i'd share..

Favorite #1 Date Night!
Ben and I had the best date the other night. It was short, but so full. I really feel we make the most of our time, it may have only been a couple hours, but it was so sweet. We sat outside on the patio, the weather was wonderful for mid-July, the food was great, and best of all it was free thanks to a friend who gave us a gift card! I love Ben so much, I'm so proud of him. He is working so hard to provide so that I can stay home with Lucy. I'm really excited for his career in law enforcement. It fits him so well and he is already making so much of an impact there. I love to be with him.

Favorite #2: Naps with Lucy
I love to watch Lucy resting. It's so sweet and even puts me to sleep. I lay her down beside me and she turns over to her side and grabs on to my shirt and goes right to sleep. I always wake up feeling really rested and so does she!

Favorite #3: Farm Fresh Eggs.
A very kind woman that Ben used to work with at the Elementary School has been giving me eggs from her chickens..They are so YUM. The yolks are so rich and just looking at them you know they are gonna do your body good.

Favorite #4: Fresh Herbs from My Garden
I'm working on a garden. I love to go out there and snip some fresh basil for my famous homemade pizzas or mint to put in a glass of water--it makes it really fresh, especially alongside lemon! I am excited to plant some veggies in the fall. I had a hard run with tomatoes a couple summers ago, but i'm determined to give it another try. I really want to know how to live off the land, and not be so dependent on the supermarket for EVERYTHING. I would love to have chickens one day, too.

Favorite #5: Reading to Lucy.
It's amazing how she takes so much in, I would say that's a distinctive characteristic of Lucy: she is always wanting to SEE. Her favorite thing is for ben or I to just walk her around the house, outside, whatever. A friend said, "She is so studious." I think that's a good word for it: studious. So she loves books. It's so sweet to see her eyes so captivated by the pictures, then she'll look over at me and smile when I read something with vigor and excitement. The three books we have (i need to get more!), they are really cute books--"The Night You Were Born," "The Little Mouse, Red Ripe Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear," and "Knuffle Bunny." I thoroughly enjoy these books as well. They are fun to read.

Favorite #6: Family..
I love our family and seeing them with Lucy. It amazes me how Lucy just seemed to know her family at only a few weeks old. She just seems to feel safe with them. My sister in law is better at putting Lucy to sleep than ben and I put together! She loves to watch her Uncle Jamie play the guitar. She loves to have her grandaddy dance her around the living room (as she holds on for dear life!) or have her Pappy snap for her. It's a lot of fun to see, and it's amazing the unity she has brought with our family. She is a common source of joy, love, and peace for all of our family..I just wish my mom and dad were a block away!

Favorite #7: Jen Ray, Melissa Capps, and Heather Noble
Not to leave anyone out, but these three girls have been such sweet friends in my life, especially as a new mom, they've done nothing but be supportive and encouraging. For example, Ben's car broke down and so we are down to one car temporarily. So to save gas money, I'll stay home all day and let Ben take the car. The first day I was stuck at home, Melissa walked over with her sweet boys for a visit, Jen Ray brought me Starbucks, and Heather called and offered to stop by for a visit. They are amazing. I am so thankful to have good friend near by, literally--heather is the furthest and she lives probably 5 miles away.

I think seven favorites are good for now :) Even though life can be so challenging--financially, a new job, being a parent for the first time--remembering what is so good about life really helps and puts things into the right perspective.