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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Little Lucy Love

I know all moms probably say this, but my Lucy is something special. She makes everyone's day. We were in Target checking out. Lucy started blowing kisses at the cashier, something she does all the time without prompting, and of course it made her day. I said, "This girl just gives love away all day long. She is always blowing kisses to just about everyone." The cashier responded, "That usually means she must have a lot of love to give." Made my day! I must be doing something right!

Anyways, I wanted to catch you up on the little "peanut," as my mother-in-law calls her. Share some of her "loves."

Love #1: you can see.

She eats it like an apple...and makes a mess. But it's a cute mess so I just let her do it. I need to buy some more Oxy-Clean! There's a Strawberry farm about a mile from our house, we love to go. They have fresh ice cream, flowers, and sweet people. Lucy gave her half-eaten strawberry to a woman in her 80s and it made that lady's day! The things she gets away with...

Love #2: The Beach!

Look at her go! She walked the ENTIRE time we were at the beach last week. She would run up to the water, let the waves crash over her feet then turn around and run away. It was so much fun to see her play with the ocean. It is definitely one of Ben and I's favorite things--the ocean; there was something so special about watching her. Okay, you may be looking at this picture and thinking, "look at how little she is!"  She is SO tiny! People often look at her and say, "She is too little to be walking and doing that!"

Love #3: Headbands. This is also one of my loves! What baby keeps a headband on? In fact, in church Sunday she was going around to different people, handing them her headband so they would put it back on her. I think she loves to hear, "Wow, pretty Lucy!" What girl doesn't?

Love #4: Flowers She will pick them and smell them and give them away. It is so sweet, especially to see how happy she makes the lucky recipient of her smashed up flower...

Love #5: Lady Bug Lucy loves this little friend. She gives her hugs and kisses and you better give Ladybug hugs and kisses too! It is so sweet at night to put her blanket over the two of them! Nice to know she's got a cuddle bug with her. 

I could go on and on and on. But I'll spread out the Lucy Love because you may be needing some next week! I am loving being her mom in so many ways. She is full of surprises! Hope she made your day, she always makes mine.


Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hey Everyone! Raw Milk is soooo nutritious and sooo yummy. One of my favorite blogs, Food Renegade, is giving away a FREE Raw Milk Cheese Sampler. I want to win it, so blogging about the giveaway gives me an entry :) Go to the post and check it out and enter to win yourself!

Cheers to Cheese!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Healthier Living, One Week At A Time...

Ben and I are definitely hooked on eating healthy and being healthy. Like I shared in my last post, it is difficult to change when you've been doing the same things for years. Simply put, if your mindset doesn't change first, you won't change. So if your "why" for not eating any refined sugar is because Jordan Rubin says not to for 40 days, but your mindset about sugar remains, chances are you will have a really hard time sticking to it, and you will most likely go back to it after the 40 days are over. But if you understand what it does to your body, your mindset changes and therefore you won't want it. So my goal over the next season is to share with you my findings on something every week and how you can implement it or cut it out of your lifestyle. I will definitely blog about grains. I will share how you can cut out the bad ones and what to replace it with. Or I may share a blog on cod liver oil, why we need more of it. The first few blogs will be about things I have already gained ground in, and then I'll blog about my own personal journey into healthier living. I find it very overwhelming to change everything overnight. It is just too much for me. Maybe it's too much for you too. I definitely don't have all the answers but I can document the ones I find and share my resources. Right now, I love, she has great recipes, resources, and inspiration. I would visit your local health food store. Ask questions, browse around. Get in the habit of checking food labels. If there are words you don't understand, don't buy it. If there's a long, long list of ingredients, don't buy it. Look for my first blog about SUGAR, oh yes, very soon...Like within the next day or so... Cheers to healthy living!