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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I was thinking about how I haven't really blogged in a while and was looking at my "Organization Station" that I'll have to blog about one day, and noticed that I hadn't used it in a month. The week of February 27th was still up there and it's the end of March! I finally get in a groove, in a routine, priorities in check and BAM! Distraction: TAXES. Now I was proud of myself this year because I got it done in time, got help with it, and am finished. I'm overwhelmed, stressed, my house in disarray only to realize we were going out of town for a week for my brother's wedding, a great distraction. The wedding was absolutely beautiful by the way...And I came home with a very  nice tan! It was in Florida:) But it is so difficult to stay on TRACK when you get DIS-tracted...Like the play on words?

So how do you stay afloat?  I heard this great teaching on the "Top 5%." The top 5% is the percentage of things we do that only we can do, it's the most important of all activities in our lives that I know I often neglect the most. Here's my top 5% list:

1. Spend time with God
2. Spend time with Hubby
3. Take Care of my daugther
4. Take care of my home
5. Exercise and Healthy Diet

There are a few other things in my top 5% that I didn't list. When I'm feeling stressed and overwhelmed I evaluate my activities. 99% of the time I'm stressed because I'm neglecting my top 5%. Blogging is definitely an outlet for me and If I haven't written a blog in a while it usually means I've been distracted by things that seem important but end up draining me. What ways do you stay on track and focused?  Please Share!