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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Guest Bathroom Makeover


My best friend, Blaire, came into town in the beginning of September. She lives in Kansas City, way too far away, so when she comes we try to pack in as much as possible. We met during our DTS with YWAM and have been besties every since. We went to college together after that. She's my girl. Our birthdays are two weeks apart, so as a present to me, she helped me redo my guest was my least favorite part of the house. Now it's my favorite.

We rent. We would love to own our very own house, oh man the plans I have for our own house!! But until then we will make our home as beautiful as we can :) The bathroom was painted yellow when we moved in. As you can see the the towel racks were falling out of the wall. If you look closely, you can see that large whole in the wall. It's where the other end of the rack hung... And the yellow.... it's AWFUL. Ugh. It gets worse...

These over the toilet things are a nice idea..But don't really store very much and are just, sorry to say, ugly. But don't you love the picture of our feet and African wooden bowl (from Blaire's travels) filled with christmas ornaments? Yikes. They've been there since Christmas last year.

My counter does't normally look like this but we were about to start painting and I almost forgot to take before pictures! Everything is builder-grade. The mirror, light fixture, hand towel fixture....Yeah...

The shower curtain we've had since we've been married. Still in great shape, but not the direction I'm wanting to go. For now it will be stored in the closet. The curtain rod must go.

And now the fun part!

So first we had to pick out the paint. I definitely learned a TON about decorating through this project. I learned that i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I was staying up late working on it. I had a blast. There was much trial and error during this project, which I appreciate because that is where you learn--through trial and error. Originally I was going to do the same colors I had in the living room and hallway, a really pretty blue and a few shades up from the blue. I wanted to paint stripes. Like this bathroom from one of my favorite blog's: Young House Love

 Blaire is really good at getting me out of my shell. She urged me in her I'm going to change your mind tone, "Jen, let's get away from the blue...It's in every room in your house. Let's do something Bold." She was right. I'm an aquaholic. It's everywhere in my home. I'll show you another day. The bathroom is a small space, so you can get away with going bold. I decided I wanted something bold yet whimsical because it is Lucy's bathroom. We were flipping through a magazine on the way to World Market and saw this really pretty plum. I love plum, let's do plum...with pops of Chartreuse (Chartruese is another way of saying warm, mossy green)  So we had our color scheme. Couldn't really find a shower curtain that had those colors in it just yet. So we went to home depot and got the paint. We wanted to find something sort of purple-ish, peach-ish to go against the plum.

First we painted the entire bathroom the purple-ish pink-ish color. I would have more pictures but I'm a dummy and dropped my iphone in coffee soon after we finished the bathroom and lost a lot of pictures. Thankfully Blaire took some from her phone. After we painted the bathroom we began to figure out the chevron pattern. We used ideas from three different tutorials:

1.  The Grid

2.  Funny Pregnant Lady

3. Tall Chick

It took us four days to figure out the chevron. It is much more complex than you would think. I may just save how we did the chevron for another post. We really liked the grid the bloggers from tutorial #1 used. We attempted the pattern idea from the pregnant lady's blog. She did her chevron pregnant....yeah. She's a champ. We loved the thickness of the chevron from the Tall Chick's tutorial.

I believe the above picture is from our second or third attempt.

Paint is up!! Already looks so much better...

You can really see the color in this picture...

Oh and the shower curtain. We finished the paint and then went looking. Can you believe we found it AFTER? It's nearly the same exact colors. We prayed. We asked the Lord for the perfect shower curtain. You know what? God loves blessing up with things that may seem petty...He loves being involved in our every day.
I also very much like Ikat. That's what the type of pattern on the curtain is called. I love mixing patterns and styles!

Like I said...I had a ton of pictures from each of the steps of the bathroom. But like I said...I dropped my iphone in coffee...the day before my birthday...yeah. But we spray painted the shower curtain rod a brushed bronze color. Found dark brown bronze shower curtain rings at TJMaxx for $4.99.

--Towel Hooks DIY. $6 each!

Oh, the Light Fixture...
Installed it myself! Got it from Habitat For Humanity's Restore for $8. Just painted it my satin bronze color. It made a big impact. 



Painted wooden frames you can get at Michael's and put leftover scrapbook paper from the light switch project:

Gotta love Kohl's $10 gift cards. Got one in the mail and bought the soap dispenser for $2.

Candle and Holder $2, yard sale.

DIY Shelves. Total of $20! Notice how I match the room? :) 

Here is anothe picture I took this morning. I've moved things around a little bit. I know...I can hear your voice Blaire...The feet. But it's our feet from our wedding day. Maybe in a new frame??

Very cool mirror tray, thrift store, $3.

VERY cool Vintage Reader Digest Books found at Habitat Restore. $1.50 each.

Free printable from to go in $5 frame from TJMaxx.

Medallion Place mat $2.99 TJMaxx. Yeah I'm a Maxxinista. Another $10 Kohl's gift card landed me this white chevron towel. DIY Light Switch Cover inspired from one of my favorite blogs: Jones Design Company

Yeah we were pretty proud of our chevron. It looks friggin' awesome. And so do we...We may be nearing the end of our 20's but I think we still got it goin on!


Total Costs:
Paint: $55
Accessories: $80
Shower Curtain: $28 (with 10% coupon)

Phew...This post has taken me forever. But my bathroom is a different, better place!! Lucy loves taking her baths in there. Well she did before too. One day she will understand. Thanks B for my awesome Birthday Present! We make a great team!

Hope you are inspired to makeover a space in your home!

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