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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh yeah, I'm a Homemaker...

As a first time mom, and I'm sure all you moms out there will understand me, it's a BIG transition in a lot of ways...I mean, I was a nanny for several years, and thought I was prepared. Well, I was prepared in lots of ways, but not in the drastic life change. I mean, it's drastic! It's drastic in all the right ways. I've never felt so much purpose in my life, but there's still this questioning of identity and individuality. You are now a mom. Not just YOU; still "you" but "you" are different.  So I still wondered what my calling was, wondering when I go to graduate school what do I get my masters in?? Nothing really seemed very exciting and as meaningful as what I am doing now, raising a life! So in the past few weeks, I've really been embracing this identity as a homemaker. it's been so much fun. I've been taking on a lot of projects, and really giving into my heart's desire: raising my daughter and making our home.  This is such a special time and I want to make the most of it. I've been organizing and purging, decorating, creating...My sister in law came for Christmas and imparted the motto to me: "If you don't LOVE it, get rid of it!" You should see our shed...It is half full of stuff to be sold at our yard in April. I'm not getting nearly as overwhelmed with our home because there's less stuff to worry about. I found a blog that I'm addicted to, it's called "Imperfect Homemaking." Check it out! She has helped me in a lot of ways...Really taking being at home seriously. Hopefully I will be blogging more too!

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