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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Laundry Room Sign

This project was so easy, I probably don't even need to post about how to do it!

First pick out your burlap. Burlap is amazing--it comes in different shades of tan and it has such a nice textured look. I have several plans for burlap in my house! The only thing is that it's messy and it has a funny smell. Some people like the smell, some don't. Another great thing about Burlap is that it's very affordable! Walmart sells it for $2.97/yard.

Grab a black sharpie. Now go find a font in word that you like and print out your letters in the size you want for your sign. I was able to use Word Art to get outlined letters so I'm not killing the black ink! Then lay your letters under the burlap and trace away. You can fill them in but I liked the outlined look, so I left it.

Maybe if I want to change it up, as I often do, I'll fill them in.

So I am very proud of how I hung it. I took gold thumb tacks that I had already, and colored them black with the same sharpie. Then I just hung it up, with the help of my gracious husband.  Happy Sign Making!

The End.

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