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Friday, February 17, 2012

Laundry Room

So I've been following and her 31 days of Organization. I've been doing it at my own pace, and doing my own list. But I definitely draw from her for ideas. I've also been wanting to nest like crazy. It's hard with an infant because you normally can't start and finish something in a day, let alone at one time..So it's been difficult that I can't seem to quench my thirst to nest, decorate, organize...

A couple saturdays Ben was sleeping in (he deserves it, he works hard!!) and it was one of those mornings I like to call "Starbucks Mornings." Which maybe I'll blog about another day. I had just heard from the in laws that we weren't going to get to paint the living room for another month or two, which they so graciously offered to help us do, so i was a little bummed about that. I was thinking about the Laundry Room. I really don't like doing laundry, it just overwhelms me. But one thing I read on my favorite blog (imperfecthomemaking) is that it's very hard to organize an area that is not pretty. So I was sitting at Starbucks and something just rose up in me (i would like to believe it was the Holy Spirit! lol) so I drove up to Home Depot and bought the paint and an hour later I was painting!

Here is my boring laundry room:

I emptied the shelves. I didn't really think I would blog about this and would of showed you other pictures!

Yikes! That ugly water heater. 

Ready? Drum Roll Please.........

The picture doesn't really do the color justice. I found some baskets in Lucy's room that weren't really serving a huge purpose, so I took the pink liners out of them and put them on the shelves. I thought the pile of white towels was a nice touch, too. 

Oh, that ugly water heater? Where did it go, you ask? It's behind the curtain! I found this curtain actually in a box of fabric and tablecloths I had on the top shelf before I gave this room a makeover. I bought the tension rod at Target for $7.99. I found that pretty tray there on the top of my fridge. I bought that the first year Ben and I were married. Haven't used it since then....When the budget allows, I'll buy some glass canisters for detergent, Borax, softener, and such...

Okay, this is my favorite part that I'm really proud of:


I love Kelly's Laundry sign, found on her blog:

So I took some leftover burlap I had from a wreath I made (I'll share that in a post to come) and have seen several projects that I've loved with burlap and a sharpie. So I made it and I love it! Come back tomorrow, or the next day if I don't get to it, and I'll show you how I made it!

I love that I did this very sporadically. Sometimes I can be impulsive and it not go so well. As soon as I got back in the car with my paint at home depot I got buyer's remorse..I thought, "How am I going to do this alone with my little 10 month old?" and also "What will my husband say about this...Is wasn't in the budget!" Ben woke up and loved it. It has really helped me WANT to stay on top of all that laundry. I'll show more pics to come...I have more I want to add to it!

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