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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Healthier Living, One Week At A Time...

Ben and I are definitely hooked on eating healthy and being healthy. Like I shared in my last post, it is difficult to change when you've been doing the same things for years. Simply put, if your mindset doesn't change first, you won't change. So if your "why" for not eating any refined sugar is because Jordan Rubin says not to for 40 days, but your mindset about sugar remains, chances are you will have a really hard time sticking to it, and you will most likely go back to it after the 40 days are over. But if you understand what it does to your body, your mindset changes and therefore you won't want it. So my goal over the next season is to share with you my findings on something every week and how you can implement it or cut it out of your lifestyle. I will definitely blog about grains. I will share how you can cut out the bad ones and what to replace it with. Or I may share a blog on cod liver oil, why we need more of it. The first few blogs will be about things I have already gained ground in, and then I'll blog about my own personal journey into healthier living. I find it very overwhelming to change everything overnight. It is just too much for me. Maybe it's too much for you too. I definitely don't have all the answers but I can document the ones I find and share my resources. Right now, I love, she has great recipes, resources, and inspiration. I would visit your local health food store. Ask questions, browse around. Get in the habit of checking food labels. If there are words you don't understand, don't buy it. If there's a long, long list of ingredients, don't buy it. Look for my first blog about SUGAR, oh yes, very soon...Like within the next day or so... Cheers to healthy living!

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