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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Everyone needs inspiration. I need it every day. In fact, I often times pray, "Lord, inspire me to walk with you today." As humans, we run out of gas so easily and quickly. Most days I have to fight to be productive. Some days it comes easier. Lately I've found some inspiration I'd thought I would share with hopes to inspire you. I'll break it down into categories.

Find an outlet to be active. It doesn't necessarily have to involve lifting weights, running, or pushups. I cleaned out my garden for 45 minutes the other day. Hey that frog was getting a workout while I was pushing all that dirt around! I checked it off as a workout. It was hard work! I was squatting, reaching, lifting, walking here, and there...It was work! I love to join my man in his workout when Lucy is napping. He has created his own crossfit gym that he sets up in the backyard. Tires, bags, weights, all kinds of things. Switching it up and getting outside can be very motivating.

Memorization = Meditation. I decided to take on Anne Voskamp's challenge of 100 days. You can read a little more about it here: Building Habits. One of my items that I wanted to do every day for 100 days was memorize Philippians. Honestly, I have a hard time with meditation. Let's face it. It's hard for a lot of us to focus on one thing in such a stimulating world that pulls on our attention from a thousand directions. But as I began to memorize Philippians verse by verse, I realized I was in fact meditating. I was thinking about it, trying to understand it so that it would be written in my mind and on my heart. And, I think about it throughout the day. I didn't do it today, and noticed my thoughts dwelling on petty, negative, meaningless, worrisome things...And I had an epiphany, so if it's not truth that I meditate on throughout the day, this is what I dwell upon...I'm tellin' ya--memorization leads to meditation which leads to a sanctified mind, happy heart, and better living. :)

Home Decorating
THRIFT. Pinterest can be pretty draining. It's really fun but there's just. so. much. When I am trying to be creative in my home, following someone else's idea doesn't always leave me satisfied. Don't get me wrong--I love being inspired by the ideas of others, and inspiring others with my ideas :) But sometimes you just have to find your own dang inspiration! So go to your local thrift store. Find something cheap and make it amazing. Then blog about it or pin it! Like my mirror I thrifted..I didn't even do anything to it...Just gave it a new home and it made my home so much better! :) I can check myself out as I walk out the door. A serious need for us mommies.

I really like the number 3. That was three areas of inspiration. Think that's good for now :) Next time I'll have to bring you some Lucy love. 18 months is a tough age, i need to focus on the great. Bye for now;)

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